Recktangle Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with Recktangle, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the Terms and Conditions stated below. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the company or individual requesting the services of Recktangle shall be known as ‘the Client’ and the website produced by Recktangle for the Client will be known as ‘the Website’.

Recktangle will only commence work when an order has been placed by either phone, email or in writing. An ‘order’ is deemed to be a verbal or written contract between Recktangle and the Client including telephone and email agreement.

Website Design and Development

Recktangle will make every effort to ensure that the Website and any scripts or programs are error-free, but Recktangle cannot accept liability for any losses incurred due to failure or malfunction of the website or any part of it.

Any code written by Recktangle remains the copyright of Recktangle (unless prior agreement is made and may only be reproduced or reused commercially with the permission of Recktangle). This means, if your website or blog uses a theme, you can't copy, reuse or distribute it with anyone.

On a new website build, once designed a jpeg version or photoshop version of the website will be signed off by the client. Any changes to the layout or general design which may occur during the development period may be chargeable. This will be at the descression of us, but notice will be given beforehand.

Recktangle accept no responsibility for copyright infringements caused by materials used and submitted to us by the Client. Recktangle reserve the right to refuse any material that it believes to contravene copyright laws unless proof is given that permission has been granted to use the material. It is the responsibility of the client to provide all agreed materials as agreed verbally or in writing. Any significant delays caused due to the failure of the client to provide agreed materials may be chargeable. It is not the responsibility of Recktangle to create copy, images or other materials for the client unless explicitly agreed in the quotation or subsequent communication. Supplied materials should be in agreed format – if extra time required to crop/optimize images this will be chargeable (at agreed hourly rate for extra work) unless this is expressly outlined in the original quote. If Recktangle have to source image, design, logo or icon materials for the creation of a client website, the cost of the materials is chargeable at the cost incurred, unless the cost of the materials is explicitly outlined in any quotation or invoice.

All websites created by Recktangle will feature a link to the Recktangle website near the bottom of each webpage, unless otherwise agreed. Removal of the link is only allowed with the express permission of Recktangle.

Browser Compatibility

We will test for and guarantee compatibility of any website we create with the most recent version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is not supported. Should the client require support for IE6 or below, this must be stipulated at the start of the project as this will require additional development (and cost).

Compatibility with mobile devices is not guaranteed. If it is required it must be stipulated before acceptance of any quote and any extra cost incurred in supporting specified mobile devices must be agreed before the project begins.

Website Hosting

Where Recktangle provide hosting and maintenance services we cannot be held responsible for difficulties experienced when accessing the Website or individual parts of the Website due to circumstances beyond our control. These may include (but are not limited to): problems with the clients internet service provider or other third party, failure (partial or whole) of server hardware or software, disruption or failure of any service that prevents Recktangle functioning in a normal manner, natural disaster, weather, war, invasion, riot and other civil disorder, rebellion and revolution.

Where the client decides to host the website with a third party it is fully and completely their responsibility to maintain the website.

If/any work is carried out on the website or server by a third party, they or the client are responsible for any problems which may occur. If Recktangle are required to work on these probelms this will be chargeable on an hourly basis at the standard rate applying at the time.

All websites created by Recktangle come with 12 months free hosting. This period begins when the project begins and the account is created on the server.

Domain Renewals and Transfers

Any domain renewals must be agreed and paid for before the domains come up for renewal. Recktangle will provide the client with the details of any domains which are set to expire. If the client fails to respond to these emails, Recktangle are not responsible for any domains that may expire as a result.

Domains are typically renewed at the following rates: - £12 for 2 years

.com - £28 for 2 years

Should the client wish to take ownership of their domain, then this can be arranged. However, if the client changes any settings we are not responsible for any loss of data, email or website availability that may result. If you are responsible for your own domains then it is also your responsibility to ensure that they are renewed when required.

Any work required to resolve any domain related issues will be chargable.

Payment Terms

Recktangle reserve the right to require a deposit of between 30% and 50% of the agreed total costs before any work will be carried out.

When work on the project has been completed the final balance of payment is then due in accordance with our terms of payment. Upon completion, if the Client decides they no longer want the Website, they are still obliged to pay for all work that has been done. i.e. if the site has been completed, all monies are now due for payment with no exception. If the Client instructs Recktangle to cease work on the Website after acceptance of the basic website design then all completed work on the website will be chargeable and subject to our standard payment conditions.

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