Web Design

Website Design & Development

Am I a web designer? In short, no.. I don't design sites for clients, but I work with a number of different freelance designers. I'm not a designer so this:

If you already have a relationship with a designer then I would be happy to work with them too.

Content Managed Websites

All of the websites that I build are created using a content management system (CMS). These systems are very easy to use and after a brief training session you will be able to start updating and editing your website.

The two content management systems I use most often are:

For ecommerce websites I use:

All of these systems are open source which means that they have been developed and used by people all over the world.


A blog is a great addition to your site or could even be used as a stand alone website. A blog provides you with a place where you can post items for which you wouldn't necessarily devote a stand alone page on your site. A blog can be a great boost for your SEO if it is regularly maintained with fresh content, if your blog posts link to the pages on your main site, it gives the search engine spiders more ways to discover your links.

Website Hosting

Reliable website hosting is something that most companies tend to over look. A fast and reliable web server will ensure that your website stays online and will often give you the edge over your competitors.

I currently host around 60 websites for companies across the UK. The server and software is regularly monitored, maintained and updated to ensure that your website is secure and will suffer from minimal/no downtime.

More information on website hosting.

Website Management

For several of my clients I provide a website management service where I look after the maintenance and upkeep of their sites. This is quite a flexible arrangement, at the start of the contract we will create a list of improvements they would like to see on the site and if they have no content to add to the site in a particular month I will work through the list of jobs.

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Some companies that I am currently, or have recently, worked with