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I am currently responsible for hosting over 60 websites for companies in Nottingham and across the UK. My server which is based on one of the fastest networks in the UK is regularly monitored and maintained. The software on the server is regularly updated to ensure that your website is secure and will suffer from minimal or no downtime.

My web server uses the latest VPS “cloud” technology. This means that the server is completely scaleable, so if your site is expecting a large surge of visitors then we can add more resources to it to ensure that the website accommodates the extra traffic and still deliver the same low page load times. This is not possible on most shared hosting or dedicated hosting arrangements, if one of the sites on the same server where your site is hosted gets a large surge in traffic your site could start loading very slowly or even go offline.

Recktangle website hosting can include the following:

With all of that, Recktangle offer some of the best and most value for money website hosting in Nottingham!

Nobody likes sitting waiting for a website to load. A fast web server is one of the most important aspects to speeding up your website. Fast and reliable hosting is essential for any successful website.

All of the websites I create come with 12 months free website hosting on our private server which begins from when your project is started.

If you would like to get some more information on the hosting services then please get in touch. If you would like some references from my current customers then I can provide you with their contact details so you can get in touch.

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