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Get a Personalised Facebook Page

Have you created a facebook page for your business? If you haven't, why not?! If you have, then surely it would make sense to start making your page work as a promotional tool? That's right, it's time to maximise your facebook page to it's full potiential!

A facebook page is a great way to connect with your current customers and also appeal to new ones. Despite only having around 600 pixels in width to play with, the space can be used just like a website. It is possible to add images, video content, text and links to the main pages on your site. There are also a wide range of plugins available so you can add functionality and make the page more inviting.

Facebook has around 41 million users in the UK and 960 million around the world (Google Ad Planner, Nov 2011)... that's a lot of potential likes!

Integrate the page with your website

If you've got a facebook page and a website then it makes sense to hook them up with each other. Adding a like box makes it possible for people to like your facebook page when they are visiting your site. The dimensions of the box can be configured to fit into your website.

What's the point in a Facebook page?

That's a good question.. if you don't have the time to update and maintain the page then it's probably something you should avoid. However, if you do put the effort in then you could benefit from the following:

Examples of Some Recent Facebook Pages

Fresh Cargo

fresh cargo facebook

Flip flop & Fangs

flip flop and fangs facebook


disconnected facebook

The Double Glazing fund

double glazing fund facebook

Some companies that I am currently, or have recently, worked with